Access guide

Kurokawa Onsen "Oku no yu"

6567 Manganji, Minamioguni, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture 869-2402
Tel. +81-967-44-0021

A detailed access guide is also available on the official website for Kurokawa Onsen (a printable PDF may be downloaded).

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Access by car

We have a free parking lot accommodating up to 25 cars on our premises and one EV charging stand with 100 V outlet for our guests. As Kurokawa Onsen is located in a mountainous region, snow is possible in the winter season. Please take the necessary measures for snow and ice such as using snow chains and studless tires.

From JR Kumamoto Station/Kumamoto Airport direction

From JR Hakata station/Fukuoka Airport direction

From Beppu/Kitakyushu direction

From Kagoshima/Miyazaki direction

Access by public transport

As there is no train station near Kurokawa Onsen, access by public transport is by bus or taxi. If you are traveling from Fukuoka or Kumamoto, there is a convenient direct bus to Kurokawa Onsen. Free pick up and drop off at Kurokawa Bus Stop is also available.

Access by airplane

Although there are flights available to Kumamoto Airport from Haneda and Itami Airports as there aren't many scheduled the best option may be to use the bus service from Fukuoka airport.

From JR Kumamoto Station/Kumamoto Airport area

From JR Kumamoto Station you can take "Kyushu Odan (Trans-Kyushu) bus" direct to Kurokawa Onsen. This service is to Kurokawa Onsen via Kumamoto airport.

From JR Hakata station/Fukuoka airport area

We would also recommend the direct "Fukuoka/Fukuoka Airport—Kurokawa Onsen" Nishitetsu Bus.

From Nagasaki/Saga direction

From Saga station take the Fukuoka Airport Limousine Bus (Nishitetsu Bus) and from Nagasaki Station take the "Nagasaki—Fukuoka Express Bus (Nishitetsu Bus)", then disembark at the Express Kiyama bus stop and take the express Fukuoka-Kurokawa (Kyushu Sanko Bus).

From Kagoshima/Miyazaki direction

From Kagoshima, take the Shinkansen from JR Kagoshima Central Station and from Miyazaki take the Express Nanpu bus (Kyushu Sanko Bus), then disembark at JR Kumamoto Station and take the Kyushu Sanko bus to Kurokawa Onsen.


Reservations may be made using the reservation form or by telephone.

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Tel. +81-967-44-0021

Reception hours: 9am to 7pm