Rooms 竹林別館
The standalone Bamboo Annex

Extravagant luxury that cannot be experienced in everyday life

This is a detached building situated along the mountain stream side recommended for families and groups.
The bath can either be enjoyed indoors or may be opened up allowing you to bathe in the partial outdoors.

Private time with no interruptions. Extravagant luxury that cannot be experienced in everyday life. An extraordinary time spent in tranquility where guests can enjoy an air of elegance. As its name suggests, the bamboo forest annex is surrounded by bamboo and is a magnificent, relaxing room. There is also a quaint walk way in the surroundings. Enjoy a private moment in a quiet atmosphere.

Room overview

Room Type
A standalone “Bamboo Annex” (3 in total)
Room type, size
Japanese style room (10-tatami mat room + 8-tatami mat room) or Japanese/Western style room (Western style 10-tatami mat room + Japanese style 8-tatami mat room)
2—9 guests
A riverside room. There is no stairs to the room.
Room rate
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Room facilities
Air conditioning/Twin bed (Japanese/Western style room)/Openable and closable open-air bath, Shower/Terrace/Washroom/Western style toilet (with bidet function)/Safe/Hair dryer/Refrigerator/Kettle/Wireless LAN
Shampoo and conditioner/Hand and body soap/Hand and bath towel/ Toothpaste set/Brush and comb/Hair dryer/Shaving/Yukata/Slippers
All rooms are non-smoking. Smoking allowed on the terrace.
  1. The plan for the “Bamboo Annex” depends on the number of guests.
  2. If there are more than 3 people staying in the Japanese/Western style room, futons will be prepared on the mats
  3. Drinks are not provided in the refrigerator.
  4. One face towel and one bath towel will be provided per guest.

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Tel. +81-967-44-0021

Reception hours: 9am to 8pm


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Tel. +81-967-44-0021

Reception hours: 9am to 8pm